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Waterparks are a great way for young kids to cool down on a hot day. So, instead of spending your time planning and packing up the car, paying exorbitant entry fees, and chasing after your kids once you’re finally there, the whole family can enjoy a fun, stress-free day with the new Buckets of Fun 6-in-1 Backyard Waterpark. Buckets of Fun is a blast! It’s a safe, cost-effective way to keep your kids happy and cool in the convenience of your own private backyard waterpark. With 6 ways to play, kids aged 2 and up will keep themselves entertained for hours on end. Watch kids wait with anticipation or race to beat the automatic dump bucket, build a sand castle, chase after and pop hundreds of bubbles, fill the twisty funnel or ride through the coolest kiddie-carwash around. Buckets of Fun is easy to assemble, with no gluing or cutting required; so, your season of fun only takes minutes to arrange.

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Watch Your Kids Wait With Anticipation or Race to Beat the Automatic Dump Bucket

Buckets of Fun’s Bubble Maker Gives Your Kids Hours of Bubble Fun

Bring the Beach Home With the Buckets of Fun Water and Sand Tables.

Fill the Twisty Funnel and Watch the Water Wind its Way Down the Pole.

Your Kids will Love to Ride their Favorite Bikes, Trikes, Scooters and Ride-On Toys Through the Coolest Kiddie Car Wash Around.

United States Patent D812,174